Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas INSIDE Guide to the Best Deals and Delivery

Aug 21, 2019 | Trade Shows

Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas INSIDE Guide to the Best Deals and Delivery

We are one of the premier exhibit builders in Las Vegas, trusted for on time, on brand, and under budget exhibits, every time. As an expert in the field with over 25 years combined experience and proven track record, we would like to offer some tips on getting the best deals, service, and delivery. Regardless of your trade show, regardless of the size of your exhibit, and regardless of your budget, you deserve a great exhibit with impeccable service. If you are looking for a different exhibit builder in Las Vegas, we have openings for certain shows left in the 2019/2020 calendar and would gladly consult and offer some preliminary designs, free of charge.

The Exhibitor/Buyer Journey to the Las Vegas Trade Show Floor

Exhibitors looking for the quintessential Las Vegas trade show booth, have many options. From $100,000+ custom exhibits, to $100+ modular online exhibit rentals, and our bread and butter, the mid range custom modular exhibit. When you have your budget, and choose your space, you then submit a request for design or an RFP. At this point the exhibit houses will use your brand guidelines to create a booth design that offers solutions within the space and requirements of a convention center.

Las Vegas Exhibit House Procurement Process and Bargaining Power

According to Exhibitor Magazine, Exhibit Houses estimate that exhibitors request 5.5 RFPs per project and this should offer the motivation for your bargaining and choosing the right exhibit builder in Las Vegas. Client competition is fierce and your exhibit house is also choosing you, because of high costs for producing a proposal. Producing a proposal for an exhibit with a budget of $100,000 is over $6,000. For a mid range exhibit, such as a custom modular exhibit that will be roughly $35,000, a reputable exhibit house that has enough staff and resources, will deliver your RFP for free. We offer preliminary design proposals in under 10 days, as a consideration to our clients. You still have the power here. Margins are high on profit for exhibits and choosing a house that has the resources to deliver a proposal without an upfront cost to your business, is a good sign.

Final Exhibit House Selection

Final presentations are mailed, emailed, or Skyped over phone. Rarely are presentations in person, however for exhibits over $50,000, we recommend going to see your exhibit builder’s workshop. A local Las Vegas fabrication and design center is a really important consideration for your exhibit, since they will have vendors, labor, last minute adjustments, at their fingertips. According to Exhibitor Magazine, the following are the criteria for choosing an RFP and exhibit house in general, creativity, appropriateness of design, price, the personality of firm, the personality of account executive, adherence to the direction in RFP, financial stability of the firm, experience with exhibit related technology, in house production facility, firm’s portfolio, information from references, firm location, and impressive client list. This is a long list, we sweeten the deal with a price match guarantee.

The Exhibit Experience Las Vegas Exhibit House Model

Based on your proposal needs, budget, and exhibit house, consider the Exhibit Experience complete solution. We offer global services wherever you are headquartered and wherever your trade shows take place. The booth style our designers create is most often custom modular, built with matrix panels. Our bottom line is substantially less than our competitor exhibit houses because of our location and our products. All savings are passed directly to our clients in good faith that they will choose our team. All quotes include services are completely turnkey, from experienced skilled labor to concierge style service at the show, we are getting a bargain price for our exhibitors.

The style of our Las Vegas exhibits are custom booths, modular booths, and custom modular booths in linear, peninsular, or island configurations. All designs are deliverable within 10 days and phones are open 24 hours a day. We get the purchasing power of the tradeshow floor and the importance of stand out booth with maximum utility. All our costs are inclusive and streamlined to make a great exhibit, without gimmicks, within a budget, and ready to show for your next Las Vegas trade show. We are one of the best exhibit builders in Las Vegas and we intend to keep our reputation as we grow.

If you are looking for a sustainable solution to exhibiting in Las Vegas that is within budget and with personalized attention, contact our sales team. rentals@exhibitexperience.com