Black Hat Expo 2019 Guide

Jun 7, 2019 | Trade Shows

Black Hat Expo 2019 Guide

Get ready for the 22nd annual Black Hat 2019 Expo. Hosted at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from August 3rd-8th, 2019. Black Hat is the world’s largest, and leading information security event providing attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends. For five days, Black Hat 2019, is the premier spot to unite 19,000 security experts and business developers from around the world. Black Hat is unlike any Trade Show in the industry since it opens with 4 days of technical training, and the 2 main conferences feature briefings, arsenal, a Business Hall, and more.

The purpose of Black Hat is to unite the most influential national, and international security and IT experts. What makes Black Hat a success each year is the show’s highlighted Trainings, Briefings, and Business Hall

  • Training – At this year’s training section, attendees will be provided with “hands-on” offensive, and defensive skill building opportunities. Some of these trainings will be taught by some of the most “?”[]’exclusive, and influential international SME (Subject Matter Experts) with the goal of defining, and defending tomorrow’s Infosec landscape.
  • Briefings – At this year’s briefing section, attendees will be presented with cutting-edge research on information security risks, and trends. Each year, briefings unite security experts from all over the world to share their latest findings, open-source tools, and zero day exploits.
  • Business Hall – At this year’s Business Hall, connect with 19,000 InfoSec professionals, and evaluate a broad range of security products, and solutions.

Here is a snapshot of Black Hat 2019’s schedule:

  • Saturday August 3rd– Tuesday August 6th – Trainings
  • Tuesday August 6th – CISCO Summit
  • Tuesday August 6TH – Day Zero
  • Wednesday August 7th – Keynote
  • Wednesday August 7th – Thursday August 8th – Briefings, Business Hall, Arsenal, Features, Sponsored Sessions, and Sponsored Workshops


Why Choose Exhibit Experience:

Exhibit Experience prides itself on working hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver customizable booths by maximizing as much space as possible. Our booths will allow your brand or product to come to life, and even outsmart the competition. We pride the construction of our booths due to our own commitment towards sustainability, and mobility. Our company is a local of Las Vegas, Nevada AKA the “Trade Show Capitals” of the country. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the intricacies of trade shows, and how pertinent it is to achieve the perfect booth for your product or brand. One of the major key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is we ship globally, and we provide 24 hour service during show time to ensure your trade show experience is as seamless, and stress-free as possible.

Before you know it, this show will be right around the corner. Right now, don’t you think it is time to place your order? Due to the popularity of this show, rates and raw show space are limited. However, we do recommend you contacting your exhibit house to inquire about exhibit space, and budget. For Black Hat 2019, we recommend at least a 20 x 30 exhibit. These exhibits should include space for private conference rooms, demonstration spaces, three areas for seating configurations and advanced AV package. 

Some of our exhibits to consider for Black Hat Expo 2019 Guide include:

  • Ready Stand Exhibits –
    • Pepper carpet, white cloth wall panels, 500-watt wall outlet, rectangular table, 4 chairs, detachable shelf-unit, track lighting set, waste basket, and façade with brand name, and booth number
  • Inline Booth –
    • 1 Open Side: 12 square meters, 10 x 10, $5,052
      Larger Configurations are $421 per square foot
      2 Open Side (Corner): 12 square meters, 10 x 10, $6,012
      Larger Configurations are $501 under 24 square meters, and $441 over 24 square meters
  • Other Booth Options:
  • 1 Open Side: 24-71 square meters, $316 per square meter
    72 and larger sq m, $294
    Corner Booth: 24-71 sq m, $330
    Peninsula Booth: 36-71 sq m, $339
    72 and larger, $306
    Island Booth: 48-71 sqm, $345
    72-111 sqm, $313
    112-135 sqm, $299
    136 and larger, $284


For more information about our booths, please visit our YouTube Channel: