3 Essential Las Vegas Trade Shows

Aug 5, 2019 | Trade Shows

3 Essential Las Vegas Trade Shows are the largest shows with the biggest buying power in their respective industries, in the world. Las Vegas is an attraction for amusements, architecture, over the top dining, and what brings so many people to Las Vegas annually, are trade shows. In 2018, there were over 22,000 trade shows and over 5 million people participating in trade shows, making it the top trade destination in the US. Below are the very essential trade shows in Las Vegas and how to exhibit. For all of these trade shows, we recommend attending prior to exhibiting to understand your competition and be able to budget appropriately in your marketing to make your booth stand out, and your sales team succeed on the floor.


CES is the Consumer Electronics Show and is the crown jewel in the trade show scene. It attracts over 4,500 companies, 6,500 media attendees, over 180,000 participants, from 150 plus countries. (See more on CES here) 2020 CES will take place in Las Vegas in multiple locations, over 22 million square feet of Las Vegas is occupied and will be from January 8-11. This show is THE place for innovations in personal technology from robots to phones to AI and AR and is the largest of the Las Vegas Trade Shows.

Showing at CES is coveted and very expensive. Attend prior to your first show and hire an exhibit house with CES experience. This is critical as your exhibit contractor or provider will be able to assist in all of your needs from positioning your exhibit to size requirements and appointing the exhibit so your product or service gets the floor attention it deserves.

World of Concrete

World of Concrete is the epicenter of masonry and concrete industries and will be in Las Vegas from February 4-7 2020. In 2019 it attracted over 58,000 industry professionals over 70,000 square feet of exhibit space with over 1,500 exhibitors. The biggest names in the industry are at this event and some of the most coveted contracts are awarded and deals sealed at World of Concrete.

Your World of Concrete Exhibit will need to be larger than a 10 x 10 exhibit to capture attention and will also need to show the diversity of your brand and service. We recommend a 20 x 20 exhibit outfitted with standard av, custom flooring, custom lighting, and PVC graphics for your first World of Concrete show. Our pricing starts at $17,000 for a custom modular exhibit of that size.


NAB is the National Association of Broadcasters and is the largest US gathering of broadcasting and film professionals. It draws over 100,000 attendees across the Las Vegas Strip and is taking place from April 18-22 2020. Over 1,700 exhibitors will be showing new ways of storytelling and communicating stories from fiction to hard hitting news. It is not only for broadcasting, but digital professionals with new platforms can make a name in this industry through showing.

Showing at NAB is all about your AV integration. Implementing LED screen walls, projected signage, overhead signage, and creating an actual narrative in your space is of the utmost importance at this show. We recommend a budget of no less than $30,000 on your exhibit, which should be 10 x 20 or 20 x 20, and being very precise in your marketing message with your team. Your people and your exhibit will need to perfectly communicate your message to attract the right buyers to your booth.

Exhibit Experience offers design to dismantle services to Las Vegas trade shows for the best pricing, because it is a local Las Vegas exhibit house. We have delivered thousands of exhibits to Las Vegas and our facilities create custom to custom modular exhibits at great pricing because we avoid shipping and delivery fees. All savings is passed directly to our clients and we guarantee our pricing. Call us for your next Las Vegas trade show exhibit rental.